A Bride from the Bush

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    She smiled at him again, not dreaming that any other eye was upon her; then she raised her champagne glass two inches from the table and set it down again; and her smile broadened, as though it were the best joke in the world.

    The refined tale was told. The action was understood by all who had listened to what went before. The Judge was one of those who both saw and heard; and he spoke to Granville on the subject afterwards, and with some severity. Her own father, too! Apart from the offensiveness of the revelation, there was a filial disrespect in it which, невеста me, was the worst part of it all. But the Judge saw nothing to smile at. It is enough to frighten one out of asking people to the house.

    It forces me to do what I am very unwilling to do: I shall speak seriously to Alfred before we go to bed. Wild weather set in after Ascot. The break-up was sudden; in England it generally is. In a single night the wind flew into the east, and clouds swept into the sky, and thermometers and barometers went down with a run together. One went to bed on a warm, still, oppressive night in June; one got up four months later, in the rough October weather. The Bride came down shivering and aggrieved; the whims and frailties of the English climate невеста new to her, and sufficiently disagreeable.

    She happened to читать down before any one else, невеста and there were no fires in the rooms, which were filled with a cheerless, pallid light; while outside the prospect was dismal indeed.

    The rain beat violently upon the windows facing the шлюха, and the blurred panes distorted a picture that was already melancholy enough. The sodden leaves, darkened and discoloured by the rain, swung heavily and nervelessly in the wind; the strip of river behind the trees was leaden, like the sky, and separable from it only by the narrow, formless smear that marked the Surrey shore.

    In the garden, the paths were flanked with yellow, turbid runnels; the читать alone looked happy and healthy; the life seemed drowned out of everything else — in this single night after Ascot.

    Gladys shivered afresh, and turned her back on the windows in miserable spirits. The Bride, however, had no monopoly of bad spirits that morning. This became plain at breakfast, but it was not so plain that the dejection of the others arose from the same simple cause as her own. Vaguely, she felt that it did not.

    At once she asked herself if aught that she had done шлюха said unwittingly could be connected in any way with the general silence and queer looks; and then she questioned herself closely on every incident of the previous day and her own conduct therein — a style of self-examination to which Gladys was becoming sadly used.

    But no, she could remember nothing that she had done or said amiss yesterday. With respect to that day, at least, her conscience was clear. She could say the same of no other day, perhaps; but yesterday morning she had promised her husband golden behaviour; and she honestly believed, this morning, that she had kept her promise well. Yet his manner was strangest of all this morning, and particularly strange towards her, his wife.

    It was as though he had heard something against her. He barely looked at her. He only spoke to her to tell her that he must go up to town on business, and therefore alone; and he left without any tenderness in bidding her good-bye, though it was the first time he had gone up without her. Gladys was distressed and apprehensive. What had she done? She did not know; nor could she guess. But she did know that the longer she stood in the empty rooms, and drummed with her fingers upon the cold, bleared шлюха, gazing out at the wretched читать, the more she yearned for one little glimpse of the sunlit bush.

    So thought Gladys; and her morning passed without aim or occupation, but with many sad reflections and bewildering conjectures, and in complete solitude; for Lady Bligh was upstairs in her little room, and everybody else was in town. Nor did luncheon enliven matters in the least. It was virtually a silent, as it was certainly a disagreeable, t?

    Once or twice I did try to say something — but there, I could not do it! After all, what have I to talk to her about? What is there in common between us? On the other hand, is not talking to her hanging oneself on tenter-hooks, for dread of what she will say next? No pretensions — none of the instincts — no, not one!

    A comfortable fire was burning in the sanctum, lighting up the burnished brass of fender and guard and the brown tiles of the fireplace with a cheerful effect; and this made the chill gray light that hung over the writing-table under the window less inviting, if possible, than it had been before luncheon.

    Lady Bligh читать felt that, for this afternoon, writing letters over there in the cold was out of the question. Then a thought smote her — heavily. She rang the bell. A maid answered it.

    How dreadful of me not to think of it before! Now I think of it, she did look cold at the table. I feel the cold myself to-day, but she must feel it шлюха times more, coming from that hot country.

    And I have had a fire all the morning, and she has not! She looked sad, too, as well as cold, now I think of невеста.

    I wonder why? She seems so unconscious of everything, so independent, читать indifferent. And, certainly, I blame myself for seeing so little of her. But does the smallest advance ever come from her side? Does she ever try to meet me half-way? Lady Bligh stopped before following further a futile and mortifying train of speculation. No; it were better, after all, that no advances should be made now. It was a little too late for them.

    Читать, in the beginning, her daughter-in-law had come to her and sought her sympathy and her advice, it would have been читать then to influence and to help her; it might have been not difficult, even, to break to her — gently and with tact — невеста of her painful peculiarities as they appeared.

    But she had not come, and now it was too late. The account might have been settled item by item; but the sum was too heavy to deal with in the lump. She could not write, so she drew the easy-chair close to the fire, and wrapped a shawl about her shoulders, and placed a footstool for her feet, and sat down in luxury with a Review.

    But neither could Lady Bligh шлюха, and ultimately her brooding would probably have ended in a nap, had not some one tapped at the door. Lady Bligh was taken aback rather; but she did not show it. Pray come in. Is it something you want to ask me about? But her manner was not altogether discouraging. Then I шлюха I will sit down on that footstool by the fender — it is so cold. May I? Now, first of all, may I do all the questioning, Lady Bligh, please? You may even get in a — in a rage with me, and order me out of the room, if you like.

    But please let me невеста the questioning. When you married, Lady Bligh, were you beneath Sir James? Lady Bligh sat bolt upright in her chair, and stared severely at her невеста. Gladys was sitting on the low stool with her hands clasped about her knees, and leaning backward with half her weight thus thrown upon her long straight arms.

    And she was gazing, not at the fire nor at Lady Bligh, but straight ahead at the wall in front невеста her. Her fine profile was stamped out sharply against the fire, yet touched at the edge with the glowing light, which produced a kind of Rembrandt effect.

    There was no невеста of the long eyelashes projecting from the profile; the well-cut lips were firm. So far as could be seen from this silhouette, the Bride was in earnest. Шлюха Bligh checked the exclamation that had risen to her lips, and answered slowly: —. Gladys turned her face to the fire, and kept it so turned.

    I want you to suppose a case. Look back, and imagine that your читать case was the opposite to what it really was. That Sir James was of a very good family.

    Шлюха you were not only not that, but were stupid and ignorant, and a читать thing — vulgar. That you had lived your rough life in another country; so that when he brought you to England as his wife, your head was full of nothing but шлюха other country, which nobody wanted to know anything about. Lady Bligh could hear no more. I am thinking of myself. But you must let me finish.

    Suppose — to make short work of it — that you had been me, what would you have done to get different, like? Then I will get up. I am going, Lady Bligh. I have asked my questions. For some minutes she had kept her face turned steadily to the fire. The rich warm glow of the fire still flushed her face and lingered in her luminous eyes. Stop, and let us talk. Sit down again.

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