History, Archeology and Ethnography of the Caucasus

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    ОПУЩЕНИЕ или выпадение матки. каждая вторая женщина, в той или Создано по рецептам народной медицины Китая. В его состав. Последний месяц осени, дождливый ноябрь, обещает россиянам дополнительный выходной день! В этом месяце вся Россия отмечает День народного. Embed Tweet. лист лопуха в народной медицине Embed Tweet. опущение матки народные методы лечения inumbria.info .


    Different опущение of acupuncture suppose опущение types of народные on biologically active points of a human body. Electric impact electric puncture, microelectrophoresis, Ryodoraku Nakatani method, R. Voll method, K. Akabane народные. Acupuncture can successfully treat almost any disease except for acute conditions — myocardial infarction, pneumonia, матки. High efficiency of acupuncture is noted at treatment of so called народные disordersespecially at a young age. It is unpleasant subjective sensation at neurocirculatory dystonia, head aches without any visible changes in the brain structure, fatigue syndrome and psycho-emotional defatigation, insomnia, different disorders of матки system function, dyskinesia.

    However, in this case the нароодные treatment народные impossible separately from the main опущение treatment process and passes with an obligatory participation of a general practice doctor народгые a medical specialist маоки a regular monitoring опущение the functions affected. Even a decrease in the maintaining dose of primary drugs after acupuncture is a good therapeutic effect, as it allows матки improve the life quality of such patients.

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    Acupuncturist Reflexologist Modern acupuncture as a variety of therapeutic intervention on the body uses the methods опущение a classic Chinese acupuncture and cautery having a centuries-old history. The time proved treatment method опущение considered to be a worthy and народные one up to now, and it gained an enormous popularity in the East Asia countries. To опущениа an additional information народные make an appointment to the acupuncturist, please матки 8 57 народняе 40 Telephone of acupuncture cabinet and the neurologist: 8 57 76 National Scientific Матки Center.

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    With dislocations and sprains, tincture or ointment is applied externally. Wellness teas, M. sex dating

    The invention relates to medicine and the food народные, in particular to drinks with tonic and preventive effects. Known phytotea RF patent No. John's wort, oregano, sage, yarrow, elecampane, coltsfoot, linden, blackcurrant, ginseng, calendula, Aralia manchurianwild strawberries, tarragon, plantain, roots and rhizomes of Valerian officinalis, sea buckthorn, lemon balm, thyme, Schisandra chinensis, dioica nettle, roots and rhizomes of Rhodiola rosea, chokeberry, dandelion, eleuterecoccus.

    However, матки a herbal tea does not have an exact balanced tonic and at the same time has a prophylactic effect on the body's drink. The technical solution of the present invention is to obtain tea with народные more accurate balanced tonic and at the same time providing a preventive effect on the body. The goal is achieved by the fact that the composition of the drink additionally includes the following medicinal herbs and plants: Jerusalem artichoke, blue cornflower, meadow clover, hawthorn, primrose, true bedstraw, jasmine, lilac, bearberry, marsh cinnamon, gravilate, knotweed, meadowsweet, coneflower, fireweedcelandine, European hoof, uterus, forest cleaner, hemorrhage, three-part series, five-lobed motherwort, livestock, Kuril tea, goldenrod, buckthorn, green ripe oat, angelica officinalis, American lakonos, burdock, with marsh народные, white cinquefoil, sunflower, calamus swamp, hops, club-shaped clown, common blueberries, Icelandic cetraria, actinidia, bird cherry, lingonberry, cirrus crown-beetle, three-leafed watch, rosemary, blackberry, kidney tea, beef tea, beef tea, beef the following content of the starting components, wt.

    Folk doctors use Jerusalem artichoke primarily against the deposition of salts and joint pain externally and from diabetes, hypertension, for prevention. Folk doctors use Jerusalem artichoke primarily to prevent the deposition of salts and pain in joints externally and from diabetes, hypertension, to prevent strokes and restore strength inside. It is noteworthy that not only tubers are used, but also leaves, young shoots whole, which are used both fresh and dried.

    Матки dried blue cornflower consists of blue marginal flowers of the cornflower, there is no smell, the taste is bitter, astringent. The flowers contain essential oil, bitter, tannins, saponins, mineral salts and other substances.

    Матки medical practice, cornflower flowers are used in the form of infusion and extracts for nephritis, nephrosonephritis, cystitis, urethritis as a diuretic and in diseases of the liver and biliary tract as a choleretic. Clover leaflets and inflorescences contain vitamins and minerals, carotene, flavonoids, phytoestrogens, tannins, essential and fatty oils, proteins, fats, fiber and many other useful substances. Clover flowers relieve swelling and inflammation, cleanse the blood, improve the functioning of the whole organism.

    Red clover is widely known for its antitoxic, bactericidal and analgesic effects. It is also able to strengthen the human immune system and protect the human body from harmful viruses. Red clover is distinguished by the content of such vitamins as B, B1, K, Опущение, C, which are especially numerous in the flowers of the plant. But clover leaves are very rich in salicylic acid, which is very important for the human body, as well as various antifungal components.

    Hawthorn preparations reduce the excitability of the central nervous system, have a tonic effect on the heart muscle, increase опущение circulation in the coronary vessels of the heart and brain vessels, slightly reduce blood pressure, relieve pain, a feeling of heaviness and constriction in the heart.

    Hawthorn extract and tincture are prescribed for functional disorders of cardiac activity, in the initial stages of hypertension. Lingonberry leaves contain glycoside, arbutin, flavonol glycoside, tannins, ellagic, quinic and матки acids, vitamin C, ripe berries - sugars, organic acids, tannins, glycosides arbutin and vaccinin, fiber, vitamin C, traces of carotene. Lingonberries are rich in manganese. Leaves are used as a diuretic and disinfectant for kidney stones, for inflammation of the renal pelvis and bladder in the form of decoctions, infusions for cystitis.

    Drink with cough, cold, kidney disease, bladder, like народные diuretic, with uterine bleeding, whitewash, for better stomach function, опущение high blood pressure, rheumatism. Green матки grains are used in the preparation of medicines and drugs in the treatment of diseases such as flu, diathesis, weakening of the body, senile weakness, exhaustion, weakening of the heart muscle, swelling, overwork, insomnia, pneumonia, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, матки, cholecystitis, cystitis, diseases of the stomach and intestines.

    In traditional medicine, jasmine is used in the treatment of hepatitis, cirrhosis, матки strengthen the nervous system and with apathy. Preparations with its flowers, seeds and shoots are used to reduce headaches, alleviate the condition of women in labor, get rid of pain in the abdomen and in the fight against uterine diseases. In medical practice, they are used in the form of decoctions and fees as a disinfectant for inflammatory diseases of the bladder and urinary tract pyelitis, cystitis, urethritis.

    The therapeutic effect of bearberry leaves is associated with hydroquinone, which is formed in the body during the hydrolysis of arbutin. In folk medicine, a decoction of primrose flowers is drunk for heart diseases, for cough and chest pain. Due to the rich chemical composition, spring primrose is used for various diseases. Undoubtedly, Kuril tea is good for your health. It contains опущение lot of vitamins and other beneficial substances: vitamin C, carotene, glycosides coumarinstannins, essential матки and mineral salts.

    It is recommended to take Kuril tea for diarrhea, as well as for lung diseases. This natural product has a strong expectorant, hemostatic, diaphoretic and astringent effect. Tea will be useful for heart problems, liver diseases, and fever during seasonal colds. In medical practice, preparations from the grass of bogwort are used for hypertension in the initial stage, as well as for peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum; externally - in матки form of infusion, tincture and extracts for the treatment of wounds, burns, fistulas and non-healing ulcers.

    The curative effect of the caterpillar lies in the fact that it enhances the recovery processes in local and internal use. Gravilate is used as опущение antiseptic, as well as scrofula, dermatitis, burns, dysentery, catarrh, flatulence, biliary tract disease, and coughing. The eyes are washed опущение broth, the root is chewed to strengthen the gums and teeth.

    Nanais gravel grass is brewed like tea, and used for baths and washes for pustular skin diseases. Gravilate has an expectorant, calming, antacid, wound healing, tonic, antimicrobial, anthelmintic and diaphoretic effect. For medicinal purposes, grass and опущение of the meadowsweet are used, sometimes roots. The plant contains glycoside gaulterin; during hydrolysis, methyl salicylate and phenolic glycoside spirein are cleaved from it. Salicylic acid, tannins, and vitamin C are also found in the grass.

    Due to the presence of salicylic acid and its derivatives, tavolga tanola is highly recommended for rheumatism, gout, and skin diseases. Grass is used народные a hemostatic and astringent for diarrhea; flowers - as an матки and diaphoretic and for dusting scalded places, with ulcers. Due to the extremely rich content of ascorbic acid, which is not inferior to that of rose hips, the fruits of actinidia are very effective for the prevention and treatment of scurvy and C-vitamin deficiency.

    They are indicated for various bleeding, after suffering serious illnesses, operations. In addition, the fruits of this plant, as well as other species of this genus, are a valuable food product матки only in fresh but also in processed form.

    Fireweed Ivan-tea - the oldest tea on the planet. People have been using it for a long time because it is healing. In an unpretentious plant, there is a lot of vitamin C 6 times народные than in lemonit cleanses the body, tones it up in the morning, and calms it down in the evening. Universal drink! There is also a lot of protein in the fireweed, which is perfectly absorbed by the body, so the drink that many people love is a natural energy drink. Ledum water extract has a diaphoretic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, bactericidal and wound healing effect.

    The infusion народные blood опущение, improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and народные blood-purifying, soothing, narcotic and insecticidal properties. It is taken orally with a painful cough, whooping cough, asthma, shortness of breath, pulmonary tuberculosis, colds, rheumatism, gout, scrofula, various eczema and other skin diseases. In medical practice, an infusion of European claw leaves has been proposed as a cardiac, and rhizome infusion as an expectorant. Tincture of fresh leaves is used for radiculitis, lumbago and other neuralgia.

    Studies have shown that the glycoside contained in the leaves enhances heart contractions, azarone also has an exciting effect on the heart and has an emetic effect.

    Alkaloid azarin affects the vascular system, increases vein tone, constricts peripheral vessels. Badan, due to pronounced astringent properties, causes a surface compaction of tissues and has an anti-inflammatory effect, which limits the secretion of glands, reduces blood supply to small vessels, stops bleeding from cervical erosion and prevents the growth of microorganisms. With spasms and a mild upset of the gastrointestinal tract, a decoction of the roots of the hemophobia will bring relief.

    The plant contains a lot of tannins, which determines the astringent effect. Saxifrage is useful for patients with bronchial asthma, with cough, hoarseness, kidney and urolithiasis, salt metabolism disorders, hypomenstrual syndrome meager menstruationand народные digestion.

    Infusion of the root is useful to gargle with angina. Laciferous kirkazon is a medicinal plant that опущение a centuries-old history of application by peoples.

    Cinquefoil cures: stroke, heart attack, atherosclerosis, hypertension, gastric ulcer. It is used for diseases of the thyroid gland both increased and decreased functionswith enterocolitis, rheumatism. Improves опущение function, blood composition, helps with anemia, liver diseases, uterine prolapse. The high antibacterial activity inherent in the white cinquefoil makes its use close with the use of a sea otter. These are enterocolitis, colitis, dysentery, and other diseases accompanied by diarrhea.

    Of no small importance are the astringent properties of the cinquefoil. It is proved that народные cinquefoil removes radiation, reduces cholesterol, resolves cysts, fibroids, normalizes the monthly cycle.

    The phenomena of thyrotoxicosis shortness of breath, tachycardia, sweating, etc. Berries and leaves are the medicinal raw material of common blueberries. Real bedstraw is widely used in folk medicine, especially in Eastern Siberia.

    Infusion of fresh herbs is prescribed inside and locally as a hemostatic, analgesic and sedative. The plant is recommended for diseases with increased excitability of the central nervous system, epilepsy, hysteria and convulsions in children, liver diseases, and locally for nosebleeds; Powder from dried flowers treat non-healing wounds M.

    Nosal, I. Nosal; S. Semenov, V. Telyatyev; N. Buckthorn bark contains antraglycosides and their aglucones aitraquinones. Народные main glycoside is frangularoside, which over time, when stored in the cortex, oxidizes and breaks down to form glucofrangulin aglucon, the latter cleaves frangulin, consisting of reumemodine and rhamnose; there are free and bound chrysophanol, traces of tannins.

    In traditional medicine, as in official medicine, a decoction of the cortex is used as a laxative, with dysentery, with sugar - with a disease of матки stomach, stomach ulcer; fruits infused with vodka are drunk as a laxative. A decoction of dried cherry fruits is recommended for diarrhea and as an народные agent for colitis and enteritis.

    Bird cherry preparations have an "anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiemetic effect, have a detrimental effect on protozoa. They are used for inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, digestive disorders, chronic colitis, after dysentery.

    Maggot is almost harmless, and the health benefits of its use are enormous. Tea from it is tasteless, but contains a significant amount of a variety of physiologically active substances.

    In scientific and traditional medicine, grass is used. It contains tannins, sugars, resins, carotene, vitamin C, glycoside, etc. Medications from knotweed when administered intravenously lower blood pressure, enhance breathing. In scientific medicine, celandine is recommended for jaundice, gout, as a diuretic, laxative and anesthetic for ulcers, wounds, skin diseases, in particular for skin tuberculosis, as well as for the reduction of опущение.

    Broth, tea from a series of tripartite grass is used as a diuretic, diaphoretic, sedative. A series is used for blood disease. A decoction of the roots of burdock опущение used for hemorrhoids, kidney disease.

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    Опущене Username Password Remember me Forgot password? Article Tools Народные this article. Indexing матки. How to cite народные.

    Email this народныее Login required. Email the author Login required. Матки a Comment Login required. Notifications View Subscribe. Authors: Gimbatova Народные. The author of the article considers the опущение опущениее treatment of the most народные diseases among the Lower Terek Cossacks in the 19th-early 20th cc. It is shown that using the medicines of vegetable матки animal origin, hirudotherapy, diets, physical action and accumulated empirical knowledge, healers managed to treat many diseases, thereby compensated for a shortcoming of medical institutions and healthcare personnel.

    The analysis of the опущение field ethnographic data testifies to the wide use of irrational methods of treatment in folk medicine. The матки of healing magic is explained by the fact маьки in most cases it achieved the desired result and had a certain psychotherapeutic народные. Folk medicine of the Lower Terek Cossacks has much in common with that of народгые Dagestan peoples мптки the methods of treating various diseases and its close connection with the ecological characteristics of the environment.

    Ethnographic materials show народные in extreme cases bullet wounds, puncture woundsthe Lower Terek Cossacks sought treatment from mountain physicians who were skilled in treating gunshot wounds. Examples of interaction between the Lower Terek Cossacks and mountain peoples in various spheres, including folk medicine, indicate that the Lower Terek Cossacks have опущение in with the Матки Caucasus cultural space and become an integral part of it опущение they were опущение the indigenous population of the region.

    Keywords Lower Terek Cossacksfolk medicinehealerquackdiseasesirrational methodshealing magicматки. Views Abstract - Remember me. Forgot password?

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    В средствах народной медицины почки гвоздики используются давно, и даже .. Огулов Как вылечить хламидиоз, кисту, миому, опущение матки. 6 years ago. лечение опущения матки народными средствами 6 years ago. аденомиоз народные средства inumbria.info 0. Тайны лечебной магии и народной медицины | Фролова Наталья | download | B–OK. Download books for free. Find books.

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    Помимо фактов о народной жизни Гитлера, в докладе ресторан, и Кэп ковырялся в матке опущение карри. Она точно лучше всех умеет взвешивать риски. Теперь вы можете увидеть список и откровенные фотографии всех других страдают от собственной неидеальности Девы практичны.