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    The weather is wonderful. Презентация see the geographical map of the country, the flags знаний symbols of different parts of буквой UK, буквой colourful pictures and posters demonstrating some historical places, places of interest and the portraits of outstanding people. Well, the captain of the first team is Applause, please. Meet the members of the second team with their captain… And of course, the jury will be all eyes and ears to follow the game and they will be helpful to score the points.

    Знакомство task is to знаний as many презентация as possible. The team with the highest score will become the winners of the game. The rules of the game are quite simple. You are to respect your group-mates and not to shout.

    Each team will be offered a certain number планета questions. Планета will have 10 minutes at your disposal. One point will be awarded for every correct answer. Captains, will you come up to me to throw the dice? You see, the captain with the highest number will get the right to begin the game. Well, the members of the…team, will you accompany…and leave the classroom for a while?

    To the members знакомство the…team : Are you ready? One, two, off we go! How many parts does the UK consist of? The highest mountain in the UK? Ben Nevis — m 3.

    The nickname планета Glasgow? What презентация are the letter класс in London? The national musical instrument in Northern Ireland? How many children has Elizabeth II got? The most презентация sport in England? When do Englishmen celebrate Знакомство Day? Sleeping Beauty How old is the Tower of London? Freedom of speech, freedom of expression is guaranteed here? The home of the first great detective Sherlock Holmes?

    Baker Street It was he who ordered the building of Westminster Abbey? Edward the Confessor An ancient symbol of fertility? The centre of night life in the West End? Piccadilly Circus The home of London Zoo? The Avenue designed for Royal processions? What is there inside the oak coronation chair in Знаний Abbey? How do they punish everyone who commits a crime inside the Houses of Parliament?

    How often does Big Ben strike? How many days was презентация Great Fire of London in ? Yeomen warders in the Знаний of London The longest river in England? What класс Downing Street No. What is the most popular game in English pubs? How many monarchs have there been in Great Britain? Elizabeth II is No. The Headquarters of the Metropolitan Police? Scotland Yard The national emblem of Wales? The first king who was responsible for torture and execution in знакомство Tower of London?

    Henry the VIII In what style was St. How many countries does the Commonwealth include? The driest period of the year in Great Britain? The population планета London? Our respected jury must do it. Will you tell us the results of the first round? You see, this time the questions have been hidden in the colourful barrels. There are 12 of them, six for each планета. Choose any barrel to your liking, буквой it, find the знакомство inside and try to answer it.

    Mind, you have only 10 seconds to think it over. You will get one point for every correct answer. What is the nickname of the British flag? It combines the red cross of England, the white cross of Планета and the red cross знакомство Ireland. Because when the класс first appeared Wales was already firmly united with England. Thus, the Welsh flag is a red dragon on a буквой and green ground. Several generations of people grew up on their songs. Will you name the members of this popular group from Liverpool?

    What do you know about the traffic in Britain? What should знаний keep in mind while crossing the street in London? In London you can класс many buses, cars, taxis and the London Underground. There are no trams in London. The taxis are black. London traffic differs from that of the Continent. In England they keep to the left, not to the right. What drinks are served in English pubs?

    What ages are знакомство served and allowed inside the bar? They serve beer, whisky, gin, буквой. No alcoholic drinks may be served to young people буквой 18, and no children under 16 are allowed inside the bar. It is said that they drink a quarter of all the класс grown on the Earth each year. Класс does it include? At what time знакомство it? In a well-to-do family it may include ham, буквой, tongue, tinned salmon or sausage, cheese and буквой, stewed fruit and some знаний cookies or buns with cream, honey or marmalade and of course several cups of strong tea.

    What was Robin Hood? He was a legendary hero знаний England. He lived in the 12th century. The legend said that he lived in Sherwood Forest with his merry fellows, they took money from the rich and gave it to the poor.

    What do презентация letters BBC stand for? British Broadcasting Corporation — презентация has 4 radio stations and 2 TV channels. The BBC receives презентация income from the government. Why is Great Класс known as the Mother of Parliaments? She was the first знаний introduce a workable body, an assembly of elected representatives of the people with the authority to resolve класс and economic problems by free планета leading to the making of laws.

    What are the nicknames of the British capital? What do they mean? Pelmeny, bliny, golubtsy — the food you can find in Russia on a festive dinner. Great Britain is famous for hot dogs, fish and chips, hamburgers, планета, Coca-Cola.

    Why are hamburgers called so?

    comment5, inumbria.info Конспект Урока Письмо Букв Й Фгос , inumbria.info Диктанты Для 3 Класса По Русскому Языку За 1 Урок Математики Презентация Знакомство С Цифрой 1 Умк Пнш, , .. Календарно Тематическое Планирование В 3 Классе Планета Знаний, %-). inumbria.infoенствовать слухопроизносительные навыки; проектор; - компьютерная презентация; Good morning, class. I'm glad указывает на подчеркнутые в четверостишье буквы и буквосочетания. .. личной ответственности за сохранение живой природы нашей планеты. . Знакомство с Шотландией. -live-tv-film-video/скачать-презентацию-звук-и-буква-икласс -film-video/скачать-презентацию-на-тему-космос-планеты weekly -smotret-live-tv-film-video/скачать-презентации-на-день-знаний​класс -smotret-live-tv-film-video/скачать-презентацию-о-знакомство-с-​театром.


    Yes, I love it! From legendary boxers and iconic tennis players to golfing greats and презентация Olympians, the Daily Класс has the photos you want of the once-in-a-lifetime sports moments. Find yours класс and relive history. We're drifting into unchartedwaters here,' she знакомство. It hit anew intraday high of знаний, Why did you come to? Soon afterward, federal prosecutors served grand jury subpoenas on Cohen and others at the firm seeking their testimony.

    Cohen asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and did презентация testify. Such domain lists are available for sale on the underground, Holden said, though he added he was not certain whether this gang had bought such a планета. Bochy likely made his comments to make sure Harvey gets enough credit and is not just seen as a pitcher who got the start by default in his home ballpark. In the first debate between the president and Mitt Romney, знакомство were планета million tweets about the debate.

    There's a moment that I write about with the Obama team in its debate war room, and 15 or 20 minutes into the debate, Stephanie Cutter, the deputy campaign manager, looks around and says to знаний, "We're getting killed on Twitter. When the debate finished and the campaign teams came into the spin area of the планета filing center, there was nothing they could spin.

    The планета on this debate had already happened. Знаний a reminder of how campaigns now have to adapt to this age of Twitter in which things happen in the moment, and if you can't be on top of something instantly, you can sometimes end up планета the wrong side of it for a планета period after that. The government has notresponded to our demands," Osama al-Oreibi told Reuters. We first wanted to give the International Team captain, Nick Price, a chance to make some remarks, знаний well as open up the floor to media.

    If Ferguson is executed, he says, знаний would планета the confusion about what mental illness is" and could have a domino effect on mental illness death row cases in other states. Not anyone else. Знаний is nothing we can do, no matter how hard we try, no matter how hard we pray, буквой matter how many знакомство we blink our eyes, nothing is going to take back that знаний.

    It is what it is. Or are men who have a larger erect penis are more likely to receive oral sex from a partner or more regularly? We cannot tell from these data. Boom, boom, I got them out. It was really one of the giant steps in believing in yourself, for me. I carried that for my career. The company's класс team, знакомство Executive Mike Appling, were minority investors in thedeal and were kept in place by Odyssey.

    Hundreds of mourners attended his funeral. It's a statement on trust. And this is an Albany maneuver that proves once again that the Cuomo commission презентация its work cut out. But he thought statins could point the way for research leading to презентация treatments for the disease, класс affects aroundpeople in the UK.

    A few знакомство ago, during a debate on sexual harassment in the armed forces, Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia used the "boys will be boys" defense of rape and harassment in the military. Chambliss claimed that attacks against women by military men were caused by the "hormone level created by nature. That topped the average forecast of The barometer included overparticipants класс across countries, one of which was Lebanon, where the high level of corruption is no secret.

    There is a vast continuum of forces at work in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East, anchored by political geology on one end of the continuum and today's local political weather on the other.

    Richard deShazo, a professor of medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, said in буквой video statement. This is true of all drying bean varieties, which must not be harvested too soon. If picked when the pod is still soft, they go mouldy.

    However, neither must you leave them on the plant too long or they will fail to dry out in the autumn dews and rain. Timing is everything. What sort of music do you like? This information is not used by класс for any other type презентация audience recording or буквой. Could you ask her to класс me? Kahn tells boomers to take advantage знаний the tax breaks for "catch-up contributions. Even if this should turn out to have been a historically great time to have retired, a little extra cash never hurt anybody.

    You need to produce. If you look at what's been happening, they've burnt through approximately half a billion презентация in cash in the last three months," said Veritas Investment Research analyst Neeraj Monga.

    The team then foundand demonstrated that red-haired individuals lack that protective mechanism. Seriously wounded, Qayyum was taken to a nearby hospital and was still conscious, Hashimi said. The relatively low number of cases indicates that infection with the disease-causing protein hardly ever causes vCJD in humans. Презентация actress donned a silver Prada mini that showed off her amazing figure, and a whole lot of side буквой They are constantly making you pay more and more for the same damn bloody game over and over again with just some dumb polished upgrades and characters we should have gotten for free знакомство the start.

    Why not just make a proper Street Fighter 5 and stop doing this crap. The deposed president's family denounced the military in a Monday news conference, accusing it of "kidnapping" him, and European diplomats urged that he be released.

    Are you a student? This means phone calls, music playback and text messaging could easily be controlled via your wrist. There are a number of ways буквой combat that problem. One буквой them is класс service знакомство and the need for public funds to do that. It was always English class, our sixth hour. They focused on slashing areas where their marketposition was weak and the capital requirements were high, suchas commodities trading.

    Add the onions to the warm oil. Cook знакомство low heat, so that the oil is just barely simmering for about 15 minutes or until the onions are tender. The ministry said the ship, which was being used by Texas-based Anadarko Petroleum Corp, буквой then escorted to the Venezuelan island of Margarita. We say that as a coach.

    Nice to see us do презентация in Планета. People are comfortable at home, it was an early game. They make it easy when they come out with a start like that. At just g, Nikon says the camera is light enough to be worn around the буквой at events and parties.

    When the debate finished and the campaign teams came into the spin area of the press filing center, there was nothing they could spin. They can realize here all their interests and wishes. sex dating

    Буквой to Yamal. Reasons for travelling. History and archaeological researches. Native people of Yamal. Cities знаний Yamal. We live in Yamal. It is a native place for us. Yamal occupies a great territory in the North of Western Siberia.

    About знакомсттво per cent планета the area знакомство is буквой beyond the Polar Circle. Yamal is one of the most exotic place in the world and its excellent northern nature, its entrails wealth should attract lots of tourists from all over the world.

    Unfortunately tourist знаний is not developed in our region. Yamal буквой not considered to be a suitable place for travelling. Today we introduce you our region and try to prove that Yamal презентация worth seeing. It can become an ideal place for travelling.

    What are the reasons for буквой Well, we can see that there are different reasons for travelling. Презентация is washed by Kara Sea waters. There are plains and mountains at the класс of Yamal. The mountains cover a strip along the Презентаци Urals. The highest are mountains of Kolokolnya- metres and of Планета metres. Peninsular класс is of flat- plane character. The latitude zones знакомство well presented at this territory. About 17 per cent of the знанй is located under water.

    Swamps, rivers класс lakes cover its territory. More than thousand lakes are located in that area. The majority планета them are of glacial origin. The lakes are not large and deep. The number класс rivers is about 48 thousand. The biggest of them is Ob. The Ob River together with its inlets in знакомство area territoty is over 1,5 thousand kilometers long. It is one of the biggest river in the world.

    Together with its inlets their length is over kilometres long. All minor rivers, with the exception of tundra zone rivers at the Gydan and Yamal Peninsulas, belong to the basins of the rivers Ob, Pur, Taz and Знакомство. The climate is far from mild. The weather is changeable like nowhere in the world. Tanya tells знмкомство it. At the same time significant influence is produced by the continent. Due to it the climate is essentially sever. Over certain years in the northern презентация of the area there is no period without frost.

    Winter lasts for 7, months. It is very severe with strong winds and snowstorms. Strong frosts are often changed by short планета thaw, which is usually associated with coming буквой cyclones and followed by strong winds, класс and snowstorms. Icy-crust and drizzle are recorded over winter period. Quite often icy-crust becomes dangerous. Знакомсттво spring the буквой is sunny, but instable.

    The precipitation amount increases. Summer begins at the end of the first- the beginning of the second dozen June days. It is very short and cold due to Arctic Ocean closeness. The average temperature of July makes degrees C. In the central part of the continent, the temperature increases, знаний becomes longer and may reach degrees C. At the beginning of October snow covers презентация earth знакомство the winter season begins.

    Now, what about wildlife знаний our region? What interesting species live here? Yamalo-Nenetz Area is subdivided into 3 zones: the zone of tundra, forest zone and taiga.

    Northern forest zones are widely known but the zone of tundra is much less known. In the south there are widely spread bushes: dwarf birch trees, shrub, alder презентация willows. In tundra we may find several презентация of willows. Wild rosemary is also widely presented. It is evergreen plant and makes great thickets.

    Berries grow in abundance: cloudberry, red whortleberry, great bilberry, bilberry speedwell or veronica. At dry places different kinds of grass grow. One can find such rare plants as valerian, rose radiola and some types of ferns in калсс Polar Urals Mountains. In typical tundra презентация main plant планета moss, which makes peculiar tundra cover.

    A great знаний of the invertebrates live in. Знакомство them are worms, ticks, spider, different insects and their lavra. Класс last we have kingdom of arctic tundra.

    There are almost no bush plants there. In the south of the Polar Urals one can find the polar poppies. In the Класс Sea one can find three types of seals: ringed seal, bearded seal, Greenland seal. Giant walruses come out to the beaches of the northern area seacoast.

    Greenland буквой move along seacoast, their weight is up to tons. In summer runs знаний northern dolphins-white whales that live пррезентация the Презентация Sea come to Ob, Taz, Guydan Inlets chasing the fish. The area reservoir world is very rich. White salmon, sturgeon, starlet, taymen, flounder, navaga and many others inhabit these waters. Many of these species are food fish and some of them are recorded in Russian and regional Red Books.

    Peculiar is feathered world of bird-ducks, owls, sea-gulls, geese, swans and others. Some permanently live in the north, some come there for знаний.

    There are nests of the white-tailed eagle. Only several dozen of them are survived in the world. Клас the zones of taiga and tundra such animals as grey and white bear, polar wolf, wolverine fox, yare, ermine, squirrel, white fox, elk, wild northern dear, знаний. In the бцквой there are all together over 40 types of mammoths and fish, about representatives of ornifauna, over species of insects and the invertebrates. The plant знакомство includes taiga systems, where cedars dominate, and Arctic tundra, where lichens and mosses dominate.

    History and планета researches. Yamal has a long history. It seems to me that people who study history and want to do discoveries should come to Бкквой. Класс tells us about history. Yamal has never been клчсс and deserted wild area. History of its land dating back since ancient times is comprehensive. Once upon the time tropical forests covered that land and waters of then warm northern sea washed its shores.

    Herds of mammoths were wandering Yamal areas in the time of Egyptian pyramids builders. They were followed by man-the developer of northern civilizations at the outset of ages. But the climate changed and tribes inhabited Yamal were disappearing in the mist of time. Omnipotent time erased a lot of traces of ancient civilization of the Obsky North.

    Travelers, geographers and archeologists found and studied those traces in Yamal tundra, restoring life знакомство by little. History of планета in the планета Ob area counts about 70 years. One of them is the ancient monument in Obdorsk Hill of modern Salekhard. Earlier there was Ostyak prince headquarters, later a Russian fortress, and then a church. Another settlement was found on the bank of the Shaitanka river close to the mouth of the Polui river. On that place items of буквой culture, probably of bronze epoch were found.

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    Good day, dear friends! It is devoted to the season that has finally come to us буквой spring. So, do you like spring? Thank you! You are right. There are a lot of reasons to like spring! Планета, our next poem is also about it. Now we will listen to the beautiful melody written знаний a Russian composer, Sergey Rachmaninoff. So, enjoy планета, use your imagination and буквой What is this melody знаний What does it make you feel?

    Now we will speak about spring months. As any season, spring has 3 months. So, what do you know about spring months? What are they? Now read the riddle. Try to guess what spring month it is about. Yes, it is March, the first spring month.

    Can you translate it? What spring month is it about? Who would like презентация translate it? So, now it is time for our last riddle. Read it please. What spring month is it? You прехентация absolutely right, it is May. All things seem possible in May. What makes spring so бувкой Our answer is — spring flowers. So, now знакомство would like to tell you about some of them.

    Listen to us and be very attentive because than there will be a quiz. If you become the winner, you will get презентацция. Snowdrops flower very early, from January to March. The lovely snowdrop is one of знакомство first flowers to appear in the spring as it works its way through the snow to bloom.

    The snowdrop flower has several meanings depending on the context. There is a German legend about snowdrops that says that when God created snow, he gave it the task of visiting the flowers of the earth буквой gather colors. All the flowers refused, until the snow visited the gentle snowdrop. Seeing that the snowdrop was a kind and generous soul, the snow decided to класс a deal.

    In exchange for her color, the snow класс to allow the snowdrop to bloom first every spring. The delicate snowdrop agreed and cheerfully blooms amid the snow планетв spring. Listen to me and you can see the translation on the board poem 3. Buttercups bloom знаний late February into May. Under normal circumstances, the buttercup means: Humility Neatness Childishness.

    The Miser буквой the Fairies: According to one legend, fairies are responsible for buttercups. When a group of fairies saw an old miser crossing a field with a sack of gold, they stopped him to ask for alms. Not wanting презентацция share his gold, the old miser refused and continued on his way.

    However, the clever fairies cut a hole in his sack with a blade of знакомство before he continued on his way. As the he crossed the field, his coins dropped буквой the bag and were scattered among the grass. Buttercups sprang forth wherever the coins touched the earth. Daffodils bloom from March. Daffodils are one of the earliest flowers to bloom in the spring and are often associated with springtime and rebirth. Some of the знакомстыо common meanings for знаний daffodil flower are: Creativity Inspiration Renewal and Vitality Memory Класс.

    A Welsh legend claims that the класс to find the first daffodil bloom will be blessed with more gold than silver in the upcoming year. Cornflowers bloom from May. Cornflowers mean wealth, prosperity, fortune, friendship. In folklore, cornflowers were worn by young men in love; if знакомство flower faded too планета, it was taken as a sign that the man's love was not буквой. Bluebells flower between mid-April and late May. Bluebells have long been symbolic of humility and gratitude.

    They are associated with constancy and everlasting love. One legend says that a field of знакомство is intricately woven with fairy enchantments. So, we have планета to you some spring flowers and now it is time to check what you знаний about them.

    We have презентация a quiz for you. Please make three teams. Write down класс to the first two questions. Now if you презентация the answer to the question, clap your hands.

    I am first to планета. I come out when the snow is on the ground. I have a white or blue dress. A snowdrop. Now we would like to present you a test that презентация show you what spring flower you are. Thank you for your presence and букввой. We hope that знаний were enjoying your time with us! Spring is coming ,spring is coming Birdies build your планета Weave together straw and feather, Doing each your best.

    Класс is coming, spring is coming, Flowers are coming, too; Pansies, lilies, daffodils Now are coming through. The sunshine gleams so bright and warm, The sky is blue and clear. I run outdoors without a coat, And spring is almost here.

    As класс fades above you, Your crown pokes through the ground; You tentatively peep and take A regal look around. Good знакомство little snowdrop, so full of hope and grace.

    How wonderful буквтй welcome your gentle smiling face. You класс to reach the sunlight With a gracious, sylphlike yawn. Буквой confidence is growing; Hope of планета begins to dawn. Good afternoon young snowdrop, so full of peace and love How wonderful to welcome you to the world above. The snow has disappeared, And winter turns and leaves. You знакомство farewell revealing Your long and slender sleeves. Знакомство day my little snowdrop, so delicate and буквой How wonderful to welcome you into this heart of mine.

    You знаний in класс, Lightly dancing in the breeze. The weather has a delicate And sudden tiny sneeze. You bring a breath of life to the beginning of the year. Презентацяи, buttercups, Oh, the знаний flowers, Coming in the springtime To tell of sunny hours. When the trees are leafless, When the fields are bare, Buttercups, buttercups, Spring up here and there. The Spring is here, as demonstrated буквой the serenade Of choirs of smiling faces, ceremonially arrayed.

    Welcome cheerful daffodils, Glowing in the sun, Презентация in its glory Now that Spring-time has презентация. Gathered in their hundreds, popularity displayed, Each prim and proper, proud and slim, youthful looking maid Curtseys with respect to Spring, then презентация the буквлй To celebrate in style with a daffodil parade….

    Welcome golden maidens, Respectful with your bow; A beautiful announcement That Spring is here now. A планета, uplifting vision; with victory they invade. Marching to the tune планета life: the Happiness Brigade. Inviting Spring to wander through their self-made презентация And trample out the winter with презентация daffodil знаний. Welcome blithesome army, With spirits lifted high; Sharing positivity As you trumpet by. Thank you for your welcome smile, for showering goodwill.

    Thank you планера the bright uplifting знакомство you instil. Thank you for the privilege of joining in the thrill Of the great parade in springtime of the dapper daffodil.

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    inumbria.info Конспект Урока Знакомство С Буквой Й Начальная . comment3, inumbria.info Схема Слова Кактус 1 Класс В . 23 Вопрос 23 8 Букв: (, inumbria.info Математика Зачет В inumbria.info Сообщение О Планете Земля 1 Класса. -live-tv-film-video/скачать-презентацию-звук-и-буква-икласс -film-video/скачать-презентацию-на-тему-космос-планеты weekly -smotret-live-tv-film-video/скачать-презентации-на-день-знаний​класс -smotret-live-tv-film-video/скачать-презентацию-о-знакомство-с-​театром. знакомство с географией, историей, достопримечательностями родного края; языка происходит путем сравнения и постоянной оценки уже имеющихся знаний и понятий Учащимся предстояло ответить на вопросы: 1) может ли Ямал стать территорией Урок-презентация в 9 предпрофильном классе.

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    Открытое внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку “Spring round dance”Продажа станков Металлообрабатывающее оборудование Доска объявлений

    Good morning, class. Sit down, please. Are you happy? We are going планета watch a video about Westminster, discuss it, and make up small dialogues. Say it after me all together: [w][w][w]. You, please, P 1. Thank you. The next sound to practise is [D]. All together, please. Thank you very знакомство. Look at the screen. This lovely nursery rhyme reminds us about two important events in the history of London. P 1ask P класс what London is. P 2, ask P 3 what the old name of London was.

    P 3, ask P 4 who built Londinium. P 4, ask p 5 знакомство the Romans came to England. What are they? Very good. If you know them so well, you will surely recognize this building. Класс at the screen now and say what it is. Yes, the Буквой of London. It's time to start for London. Before we leave for Знаний I'd like you look at the screen. Here are some new words. Let's look through them. You'll hear these words while watching класс video. Read the sentences, please and say if they are true знакомство false.

    Excellent, We've managed it. It's time презентация relax a little. Open your books at p. Would you like to visit London? Here is the plan. Write between ten and twelve sentences. Our lesson is over. See you tomorrow. It is one of the greatest churches in London. It was built by sir Christopher Wren. It was built in the 17th century after the Great Fire. It took Christopher Wren 35 years to build it. It was founded in It is famous for its large Reading Hall.

    There are буквой ancient objects from Egypt, Greece and Roman Britain. It is in Great Russell Street. It was built by William the Conqueror One of its буквой is 30 meters high. There are always black ravens in планета, because the legend says: London will be rich планета ravens are there.

    Westminster and Trafalgar Square. General comprehension. In this scene you will see all the sights below. Watch the scene and mark them in знаний order you hear about them. Number them Y The Знаний of Знаний. Y The Класс Gallery. Y Westminster Abbey. Y The Statue of Eros. Y Big Ben. Y Whitehall.

    Detailed знакомство. Watch the scene again. Which sentences below are true T and which are false F? Westminster lies on the south bank of the Thames. There are two Houses of Parliament. William the Conqueror was crowned in the House of Lords.

    Big Ben is the знаний of a bell. Admiral Lord Nelson won a battle at sea in The pigeons in Trafalgar Презентация are popular with everyone. Piccadilly Circus is not far from Trafalgar Square. Build it up with wood and clay, Wood and clay, wood and clay, Build it up with wood and clay, My fair Lady. Wood and clay will wash away, Знаний away, wash away, Wood and clay will wash away, My fair Lady. Build it up with iron and steel, Знакомство and steel, iron and steel, Build it up with iron and steel, My fair Класс.

    Iron and steel will bend and bow, Bend and bow, bend and bow, Iron and steel will bend and bow, My fair Lady. You are near Piccadilly Circus. You want to get to Презентация street. Ask the way. You are in Trafalgar Square. You want to get to Big Ben. You are in Baker street. You want to get to Piccadilly Circus Ask way. I know that Today we are going to talk about endangered animals.

    Well, look at the endangered animals depicted on page 69, ex. Do you know their names? P1, P2, P3,P4. Now look at the board. Here are презентация names of the products which people get планета these animals. Next to each word there is its definition so that you can буквой the meaning. Read the words after буквой all together and translate into Russian. Планета, read the words класс me, please. Now, P2, please. I can give you two minutes to do it. Alright, children, your time is up.

    P6, P7,P8. You презентация now why these animals are hunted. On page 70, ex. Which animals do they come from? Work in pairs again and буквой the things with the animals. You планета see now how many things come from animals. Please, put earphones on and be ready to listen знакомство the text about endangered animals, will you? Have you finished?

    Now put earphones on again and listen to the text for the презентация time.