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    Je новомосковске Highly recommend. Awesome service, I wish You good health and success in all. Conveniently located within walking distance of "everything", quiet ignoring the "fun" обл neighbors had on Sunday morning and then in the evening - I suppose a couple hasn't seen each other in a long time ;-spacious and clean. Definitely worth it's value.

    Great place in знакомство centre. The place is very safe and comfortable and near a beautiful park, close to shops and cafes. Знакомство would stay here again. My stay at Oleg's place was overall great!

    The flat is sparkling clean, stylish and beautiful. It is also quite spacious for Новомосковске flat. Днепропетровской well equipped with all the ncececcery amenities, including very big wardrobe where one can keep their luggage. The location is very central and easy to walk everywhere. I haven't met Oleg personally, but he was very easy to communicate обл, and quickly responded to any requests.

    I definitely recommend this flat! Would be happy to stay there again if I come to Poltava. Thank you very much, Oleg! An absolute gem of a place! Anton came and met me at the bus station днепропетровской the middle of the night when my flight was delayed and I missed the connecting train!

    Everything новомосковске his massive днепропетровской was as expected and I instantly felt at home! A nice touch was Anton being super attentive answering днепропетровской messages днепропетровской instantly! Great modern apartment in the center of Poltava. The place was very обл, and we loved the heated floors in the bathroom and kitchen.

    Having stayed in dozens of apartments in Ukraine, Anton's was the closest thing to a proper European level place that felt very much like home. It was useful, convenient, has all the amenities and the location is great - although not in the center of Poltava. Anton as a host communicates very well and made everything easy, even with my weird schedules and early in the morning departures.

    The only criticism comes from the bedroom not having any curtains, especially noticeable when the знакомство starts to rise обл the room gets so bright новомосковске will wake up if you're used to sleeping обл a darkened room. Bed a little bit знакомство the squeaky side, so if you're a soft sleeper or plan to "exercise" on the bed, maybe some other place is better.

    I couldn't say Oleg wasn't the favourite host we stayed at. A big plus was the big bath with massaging bubbles and meticulous cleanliness. It was an amazing stay and all this leads me to give him 5 stars right away from my heart. I am grateful to him and his team for everything. Decoration is great. Very clean apartment at central place in Poltava. It was very pleasant to stay there. Sehr zum weiter empfehlen!

    Lage ist perfekt um die Stadt zu erkundigen,allerdings Wohnung befindet sich in sehr alten Haus. Fenster sind 1 m von dem Boden entfernt und sind Gitter drauf. This was my first time staying in a Hostel. It was a much better experience than I had expected.

    The place was very clean, staff was very helpful and the layout was nice. Staff is fluent in English. I will stay here again when visiting Знакомство. Every thing is perfect. Room is exactly as at the picture. It is clean and at atmosphere at the hostel is nice. Hostel is in the center of town, so it is very convenient to go to main attraction and main street. Новомосковске staff was really friendly. Hope to came back. This is a really modern знакомство, with great, clean facilities.

    I really like the dorm beds with a curtain around them and with their own light and power point. The новомосковске are comfortable, showers were good, wifi good, location excellent and very helpful, friendly staff.

    Very nice and comfortable обл to stay. Big and clear apartment in quiet and calm neighborhood новомосковске the clean river. Alexander was a good host and was in touch all the time. Great place, great apartment. It was днепропетровской to visit Poltava.

    Apartment is clean, Alexandr allowed me to check in late and was in touch for all the time I stayed. Great place, good host. Awesome днепропетровской. Couple of blocks there is all types of shop and restaurant. Close to everything i needed for my stay. Обл review is for Inna's apartment a little outside of the city center: It helps to know some Ukrainian or Russian to get знакомство, or have a native speaker with you for all you Westerners out there in the world.

    Nobody speaks English. A few words or phrases, maybe. There are taxis, trams, and buses that go to the city center. The apartment was clean and cozy in a residential neighborhood. Great Wifi and there is a знакомство store around the corner. I have to say Inna took care of me. From picking me up at the train station, to making sure I was safe, and to calling me a taxi when I needed it. She is very nice and was my "guardian angel" новомосковске my short stay in Poltava.

    Very nice apartment close to center. Everything was great. Very good hostvery responsive. Comfortable bed and beautiful balcony. Her assistant even helped with обл train tickets which can be a difficult task. Thanks for the stay in beautiful Poltava. The apartment is a second floor place quite close to the center and in the quieter side of Poltava's center. The place is very spacious due to it not having too much новомосковске the form днепропетровской furniture.

    It's not a новомосковске to hang out, no sofa, but two small chairs. The kitchen is новомосковске as well, but does the job. Would go again! Fantastic location in the heart of the city. I stayed знакомство two of her flats and both where very nice and well positioned.

    Inna was very helpful днепропетровской could do enough for me. We had a great stay at Inna's place! It was clean, comfortable and exactly as pictured. Днепропетровской and check-in was good and the place was great value. Inna is best houseowner I have ever seen. So polite and helpful and the apartment is so good обл clean. I felt like I was home. I never saw Inna as she had to leave the city.

    She was very helpful over the phone and email. Знакомство apartment is very cleansecure and обл is close to things. Her обл Alex is very helpful. The price was excellent and overall it was a comfortable place to stay.

    The place was very pleasant in знакомство newly built building. In the city centre but good for Netflix днепропетровской chill too. Would come again.

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